Monday, August 23, 2010


hellooooo (said like the belly on seinfeld).

took a little break.  went on a mini-vacation for my birthday.  yes, i am finally 21.  (22?  27?  ok, ok!  32 and that's my final answer)

well, went to VA.  stayed w/ my best friend and her family.  stalked robert duvall (i mean, accidentally ate  my bday dinner at the rest. near his ranch and then proceeded to keep an eye out for his vehicle), went to a KISS concert (yes, i like to rock and roll all night (in my pjs, watching the daily show) and party every day (or go to work.  same thing right?).  let me just say... for a bunch of old guys, they seriously still do kick ass.  and how does paul stanley keep his hair so shiny and fluffy?  it's seriously beautiful hair!  he and darryl hall (have i lost all street cred for my outstanding taste in music?).  they  both have they most luxuriously manageable hair.  i am jealous.

so, my last day of vacay is here at home, working on photos, doing a shoot and my laundry and eating a truffle.  yes, a nice smooth milk chocolately truffle.  please feel free to send me some more for a belated bday present.

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