ok.  i'm clancy.  i have a first name, i am not trying to be cher or prince or john.  (denver - who else?).

i'm a photographer, writer, singer (in a few bands), jewelry designer, professional starbucks drinker and lover of all things artistic.  films, music, books... anything.  i've had writing and photos published and used for bands, websites and online publications.  (all photos contained on this site are mine.  don't take them.  i will be mad.  hulk smash.)

i love to cook.  i love to travel.  i love trying new things.  i love starbucks (did i mention that before?), i will talk about almost anything and to anyone.  feel free to ask me anything.  and don't surprised if the girl w/ the glasses tends to be a smartass(es  ok lame, i know).

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