Sunday, January 16, 2011

my sweet girl

just saw black swan today.  i'd been waiting and waiting to see it.  got sick this weekend.  had to put it off but damnit, i went today!  fan.tastic.  i must go see again to really absorb it.  of course i have my weird little theory about certain parts.  and it's tough when sitting between two gigglers.  i really get engrossed in movies.  to the point where i forget to blink at times and my contacts dry out.  and it's tough watching a scene that is so intense and so crazy and you hear giggling!  love the crew i went w/ but i'm more of a "shhhh don't talk until over" person.  or the occasional look at each other and do the "you see that??" and back to the movie.

so, attempting to go again.  hopefully soon.

if you saw it, let me know what you thought. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

saturday morning

stuffed up.  tired.  sick of being sick.  yes, this blog is going to be riddled w/ complaints.  it's what i do.  i do it well.  professional bitcher.  BA in Biotching.

pandora radio is playing.  trying to clean.  damn computer keeps drawing me back in.  like right now.  i have a stack of laundry to put away.  i started.  then stopped.  to write this.  ADD in it's finest today.

another random thought.  i watched a movie last night.  or tried to.  it's very hard for me to turn off a movie and really not give a rat's ass about the end.  this one last night... what a disappointment.  written by john krasinski.  i thought, i like jim.  this should be good.  tried to be woody allen.  i love woody allen but let's leave woody to woody.  all over the place.  this constant "and then, you know what i told them??  you ready??"  then nothing.  next scene.  i'm all for suspense but you're annoying me after the second or third time you've done it.

oh jim.  no more woody-esque movies ok?

Friday, January 14, 2011

been a while

sick again.  always a cold or sinus infection or tonsillitis.  blah.

my parents once told me that a person named bob lived with us until i was born.  then he left.  for years they told me this story and my brother and sister went along w/ it.  then i brought it up years later.  and they look at me like i'm crazy.  i think they let me in on the joke once but i can't remember.  leave it to me to not remember why my family played a 15 year-long prank on me.

and some vampire weekend just for shits and giggles.