Saturday, January 15, 2011

saturday morning

stuffed up.  tired.  sick of being sick.  yes, this blog is going to be riddled w/ complaints.  it's what i do.  i do it well.  professional bitcher.  BA in Biotching.

pandora radio is playing.  trying to clean.  damn computer keeps drawing me back in.  like right now.  i have a stack of laundry to put away.  i started.  then stopped.  to write this.  ADD in it's finest today.

another random thought.  i watched a movie last night.  or tried to.  it's very hard for me to turn off a movie and really not give a rat's ass about the end.  this one last night... what a disappointment.  written by john krasinski.  i thought, i like jim.  this should be good.  tried to be woody allen.  i love woody allen but let's leave woody to woody.  all over the place.  this constant "and then, you know what i told them??  you ready??"  then nothing.  next scene.  i'm all for suspense but you're annoying me after the second or third time you've done it.

oh jim.  no more woody-esque movies ok?

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