Wednesday, August 11, 2010


going to get a two-for-one deal today.  first up.

THIS is the reason i am usually 4 minutes late to work.  instead of going to bed at a normal time and waking up bright eyed and blah blah blah.. i choose to sit up and work on photos or watch cheers reruns (ohh how i do love a good sam and diane episode) then in the morning think "5 more minutes won't hurt..." and then it's 5 more 5 more.  check my email, look at new work online, write a blog...  check the time and say OH SHIT, I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 10 MINUTES.  throw on the first shirt i find (hopefully not my "more cowbell" shirt) and rush out the door.  whilst driving like a speed racer, i decide i need coffee on the way.  then pull in and think - man if i just would have gotten up at a normal time.

someday i will learn.

Stuck in my head this morning

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