Wednesday, August 4, 2010

first blog

ok, so this is my first blog.  officially.  i guess.  i mean i tried it out once before but then i forgot how to log in and gave up.  :)  welcome to my randomness.
So, at the suggestion of my friend Ang, i am trying it out again. 
there will be
  • book suggestions and reviews (watch out, i like 'em weird)
  • random questions and nonsense running thru my head
  • opinions on music, movies, coffee, cheese....  whatever.  *warning, there will be sarcasm along the way*
well...  my first order of business - i miss recess.  i miss that break in the day when you could roll down a hill, giggle about boys and trade scratch n' sniff stickers.  i want to play wiffleball and chew blueberry hubba bubba.  *sigh*  i want to go to the library and check out dr. seuss books and watch film strips (uh oh, did i just let on to how old i am?).  oh cat from outer space... you were such a treat in my slap bracelet and punky brewster high tops.

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