Monday, August 9, 2010


almost forgot to write today.

well, working on new photos.  (shameless self-promotion, check out my bubblesite -

i always wished i could draw.  that was one thing i tried and tried and wish i could do.  but seriously - never got better than a stick figure in a shoulder padded dress.  then i tried to paint.  looked like a baby monkey (yeah baby, not even an adult) got a hold of some paint brushes.  i've always wanted to let you see how i see things.  then a couple of years ago i broke down and bought a digital camera (always had disposable or 35 mm).  haven't put it down since.  old abandoned buildings, skylines on the mountain, sunlight peaking thru the trees, people's candid reactions and interactions w/ people.  it's like a permanent appendage.

i've even nicknamed the newest camera.  lumie.  really original since it's a lumix huh? 

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