Thursday, August 12, 2010

My BOGO was a NOGO

i TRIED, i swear, to do a 2-for. 

i was just watching a presentation.  it's informative.  slightly interesting.  nice presenters.  BUT i notice two spelling errors on the main menu.  keeps popping up, almost like in 3d to me.  main menu BAM that's all i see.  YOU ARE MISSING AN "N"!! is on a constant loop in my head.  THAT "I" SHOULD BE AN "A" over and over.  i wanted to pass a note, a la ele. school, and say "circle yes or no if you want me to correct your spelling?"  it was such an LL moment (liz lemon).  staring, eating my cookie... almost wanting to shove another cookie in my mouth just to stifle the small cries of "please please please fix your menu!!"  one person is trying to ask me to grab her a cookie in her own little sign language that really turned into her hands making a circle then immediately going into ROAR monster face.  circle + ROAR = cookie monster.  sad thing?  i understood.

then, i keep thinking about that scene in stepbrothers at the job interview when dale slowly pops out from behind brennen and waves.  i really really really wanted to do that.  and i know the co-worker in front of me knew what i was thinking.  but i refrained.  it was tough, but i managed.

all of this in the sleepy conference room.  sleepy because it's dimly lit, usually a monotone meeting in there, big comfy chairs... i've never fallen asleep anywhere outside of a home or long car ride but i swear, that room could cure insomniacs.  i should rent it out and make a little extra cash w/ my "sleep bar" in there.

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