Sunday, August 7, 2011

a 30-something in the city - a fair to remember

Last night a friend and I went to the 80's hair band night at the fair.  Yes, I was a wee one back in the heyday of aqua net guyliner boys and screeching guitars BUT still I had plastered my walls with pics of CC Deville and Sebastian Bach.  As it got closer to the day of the show, I got more excited thinking about how I was going to see bands I grew up swishing my hair back and forth to when I was in elementary school.  I knew I would end up, at some point that night, displaying my rock on fingers (complete w/ tongue out) for the camera sometime that night.  And yes I did.  I displayed them proudly.

Here we are, seated in a decent section.  Not far from the standing "room" on the track in front of the stage.  We randomly plotted how we could jump the guardrail and headbang our way down to the crowd.  When we weren't discussing that, we were thinking of distractions I could create so my friend could crawl under the trailer and run back to meet one of the bands.  There was no doubt in our minds that our section would be rocking out w/ their...  well, anyways.  We were wrong.

Amongst the mullets, tightly laced corset tops, Motely Crue tees (no, it wasn't a crue show), bandana-ed long hair and leather pants and slashed leggings, the two of us were the only ones actually standing up and getting down... I in my jeans, she in her leggings and tank.  The "normal" ones in our section.  Now, I must say, we had two people, our favorites, a few rows down who were singing every song... wrist bands on (apparently to catch the sweat from all the fist pumping)... and mini smooches in between power ballads.  Otherwise, most of the rows were filled w/ sedate, almost napping, late 80's throwbacks.  Wha???  Disappointed.

I was sooo ready to see some kicka$$ headbanging.  Or at least some movement. It was nice to see real lighters in the crowd during the power ballads though.  You can tell times have changed.  I remember going to shows in college and actually holding up a REAL lighter to a good song.  Nowadays, lighter apps on cell phones.  (Ok, i admit, I had my virtual BIC on.  soo much easier on the finger.)  I digress.  So we decided to be the "rebels" of our section and be the leaders.  GET UP EVERYONE.  BOB YOUR HEADS AT LEAST! We yelled at the end of songs!  We sang, sometimes the wrong lyrics!  We made our row shake with dancing!  Only in the encore did people follow suit.  Or were getting up to leave, realized there was one more song and didn't feel like sitting.   But in our heads, we started the rock revolution in section F.  ROCK ON YOU WAYWARD SONS!

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