Sunday, August 14, 2011

a 30-something in the city - a black fly in your chardonnay

There he is ladies.  He looks smart, has a great smile (complete with all of his teeth AND they are almost sparkling) that he has flashed at you and says hello.  You chat for a minute or so and notice that you've just tucked your hair behind your ears when you laughed at his actually funny joke.  You sit back down with your friends and he waves when he passes by.  Your smile actually becomes slightly annoying to your table of pals finishing their drinks. 

Ahhh, an anomaly.  Good looking guy in his thirties that doesn't appear to be a playah.  You're home after your evening out and have settled in to check your Facebook.  Google... well, why not? (Yes, just admit it ladies, you look them up.  embrace the creeper in you) And then... you find out the most blah-inducing news.  MARRIED.  It's almost like a virus warning on your computer.  Flashing lights and sirens wailing.  Ok!  I get it!  Unavailable!  And you swear your laptop even said it quietly when you closed the page.  You aren't crushed but it's like you left your packed lunch out in the rain and your pb-j is soggy.  Nothing you can do.  *sigh*

We're at that age where most people are married. Or on their second or third wedding ring.  And if they aren't married, you start thinking... what's wrong?  Likes the ladies TOO much?  Has a weird "action figure" (doll) collection?  Lives w/ Mother whom he has to bring out on dates as a chaperone?  Where are the "normal" ones?  It's ok to be quirky or a little crazy (but not Norman Bates crazy).  It's even ok to have a Yoda on your desk.  A, singular, Yoda.  Not the whole cantina scene replicated in your cube, complete w/ wookie. 

So yes Alanis, it IS like a black fly in your chardonnay.

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