Friday, November 25, 2011

Lazy BFS

Today's agenda: shopping, shoot, show. 

And no, not ridic black friday shopping at 3 am. i am more of a "what's going on around noon?" shopper.  I already can't stand an average Tuesday afternoon at the mall let alone hoards of crazy-eyed shoppers with walkie talkies speaking in their abbreviated code about a snuggie.  Noooo thank you.  Cyber monday is where it's at (i got two turn tables and a microphone last black friday).

I do have friends that do the 1 am alarm and tag team Target for ipods and pajama jeans.  I'll sometimes see if I can persuade them to grab a thing or two for me so I can still remain all pajama-ed (not jeans) with a cup of coffee at my laptop. 

So today, I'll venture out and see what's leftover, what late morning sales they try to drag out for the lazy BFS like me (Black Friday Shopper code talk.  I just like codes.)  I'll grab my latte and hit the streets. 

Then come back today.  Do some family pictures at a camp.  And acoustic rock it out at a club tonight.  Where I'm from, a club means = members only jackets, rip off chance games and a back room that may have a deer head hanging in it.  Not oomcha oomcha oomcha bass and strobe lights.  Only smoke in the room will be from Marlboros. 

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