Saturday, February 12, 2011

lazy saturdays


i miss waking up at 6:30 to cook eggs (my dad taught me how) or baaad pancakes, turning on Action News for Kids and waiting for the cartoons to start.  Spiderman and Friends, X-Men, The Get Along Gang, Kid Video...  Glued to the telly waiting for Zack Morris.  Spending all day shopping w/ my parents.  Me and my three dolls that went everywhere w/ me:  Drowsy, Grumpy Bear and Cornelius Christie (my cabbage patch).  My mom making them mischievous (never knowing what they did that made them nervous if a cop car pulled up next to us... my dolls, not my parents).  If it was hunting season, mom would say "LAY DOWN!" when driving thru a wooded area (for fear of stray bullets). The unnatural fear i  had that my Hug-A-Bunch doll would somehow fly out of the cracked window (i get car sick) and fall into the water down by the railroad.  ohh nostalgia.  hmm...   this explains a lot.  :)

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