Saturday, March 17, 2012

a 30-something's St. Patrick's Day ...

Today is St. Patrick's Day.  A day devoted to a Saint that is celebrated by green beer and shenanigans.  I didn't say I don't celebrate.  I'm half-irish, so I don't need the "Irish for a day" pin thankyouverymuch.  I've got plans for the evening.  Now while I'm not one of those LET'S HAVE A GUINESS AT 8 AM people, I do have a little tradition w/ my father (the Irish half of the family) that we toast w/ a shot of whiskey today.  He has his little green mug hanging off of a beaded necklace and his already rosy cheeks as his ensemble.

I, well I have a sheet of tattoos, my Applebee's waitress flair, my random Old Navy St. Paddy's tees and a minor love of whiskey (see above tradition I initiated).  Now, I do not plan on getting so sh*tfaced that I get a punch in the face BUT I do plan on taking a break from my usual crazy schedule to get out there w/ the rest of the drunks tonight.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible!

Back to my flair.  Yes, I will wear green so please... no pinching!  I have a general weirdness with invading of my space.  Thanks in advance.  (Unless you get the "ok" from me for said space-invading).  I will also have my "kiss me, I'm irish" pin w/ me... but that's another tricky accessory.  That's more like the good jewelry.  You don't just wear that anywhere and you keep an eye on who is eyeing it up.  (Cillian Murphy or Bono... the pin will be proudly on display lads.)

So ladies, prepare yourself for lots of fake irish accents and baaaad jokes about shamrocks.  An irish toast for you: Here's to being single, to drinking doubles and to seeing triple!  Slainte!

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