Sunday, October 30, 2011

mini halloween party blurb

This was the year of men in drag for Halloween.  There's nothing wrong w/ a guy expressing himself in a lovely chiffon piece w/ matching undergarments.  But if I saw one more sack o' nuts last night...

Of course there were your slutty: firemen, cops, referees, butterflies, witches and the chick who just decided lingerie was a good enough costume.

I was a detective.  Olivia Benson, Special Victims Unit.  Or, I had to shoot a wedding and thought, "what goes w/ dark pants and a dark top?  A badge, handcuffs and aviator sunglasses."  I should have won something, right?  I put in more effort than the girl in the pink lace nighty... right?  Sigh.

There's always that one or two people who walk in that you think, I don't want to see you on a normal night, let alone a night you dress up and get even more psychotic. 

Oh, and seriously, again...  no sack o' nuts please.  Thanks!  Sincerely, Me.

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